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This should be obvious, but it must be stated that this essay should be written well, using proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Know the difference between your and you're; its and it's; and there, their, and they're. Don't settle on the first words you put down on paper (or type on your screen). Does it address the writing prompt and answer any questions that were asked?

Your teachers will quickly assess your writing abilities and if they don't line up with what you presented in your application, there will be an issue.

The private school you've been accepted to may even dismiss you as a student if you're deemed to be dishonest and not capable of managing the academic expectations.

Pay attention to word counts that might be given, too.

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Leading off from that last sentence of bullet one, pay attention to the requested word count, you need to be thoughtful in how you approach the assignment. One, to make sure that you give enough detail to actually say something meaningful.The essay, for some applicants, can be one of the most stressful parts of the application process.These eight private school application essay tips just might help you produce the best essay you've ever written, which could increase your chances of getting accepted at your dream school. Reading the directions carefully can help ensure that you accomplish the task at hand.If you stumble while reading it out loud or struggle with what you're trying to get across, that's a sign that you need to revise.When you recite the essay, you should easily move from word to word, sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph.But, they do want a brief story that helps them get to know you as an applicant.Most private schools give you an option of essay writing prompts.Did you address the writing prompt and answer any questions that were asked?Also get a second opinion on the writing style and tone. The essay is your chance to showcase your own unique writing style, tone of voice, personality, and interests.Ask a friend, parent or teacher to read your essay and give an opinion.Ask them if it reflects you as a person accurately and if you truly completed the requirements on your checklist.


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