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This action subsequently gave rise to substantial claims of nationalism around the world (Hirschi, 2011).Dahbour (2003) contradicts this, arguing that national self-determination was a response to the colonisation of states which eventually demanded national liberation.To initiate an analysis of definitions and forms of nationalism, this essay will focus on four main definitions (Smith, 2016; Anderson, 2006, Gellner, 1969 and Khon, 1965).

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However, it emphasises the importance of culture in the definition of nationalism which spirals from a collective mind.

This can thus support ideas of Andersen (2006) and Gellner (1969) of imagined communities as shared language is an acquired cognitive function and thus it is a part of the collective mind.

The following section will thus discuss these themes.

Although the word nationalism only emerged in political language after 1840, its importance grew significantly in the 19 century with revolutions across Europe (Hirschi, 2011).

To better understand why a unified definition of nationalism is not established, it is important to look at the epicentre from which nationalism arises.

Consequently, a historical analysis of the concept and its subsequent forms, corroborated by theories of nationalism, will be attempted in order to understand this notion.

Based on these sections, this essay will argue that due to various ramifications of the concept of nationalism, this notion exists in various forms accompanied by a variety of definitions, each serving similar and distinct purposes.

Finally, concluding remarks will be drawn based on the evidence presented throughout this essay.

Another opposing view comes from Andersen (2006) who emphasises language, specifically the shared language of a nation.

According to this author, nationalism could not have spread and matured without people being able to read about this notion and debate this notion in writing (Andersen 2006).


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