Essay On Being Conservative

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I do not see abortion as a sin due to the good points Mary Gordon makes in “A Moral Choice.” The most important point she makes is stating, “The moral discussion of abortion centers on the issue of whether or not abortion is an act of murder. These two questions can only be answered based on opinion.

I would like to first point out the fact that abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States.

The progressive left stands strong on the argument that women deserve the sole right to decide on abortion.

The discussion of miscarriage and deciphering at what point someone can declare a fetus human, is one of the biggest arguments of abortion.

I believe that third trimester abortions should be banned.

My standpoint on abortion is developed by both the progressive and conservative sides.

Essay On Being Conservative

I most definitely feel it is woman’s right to decide if she has a valid reason to abort a child.It is very easy for this group to put graphic displays on the TV to help get their point across.As for the pro-choice side the position morally is hard to exhibit.More scientific research needs to be done before people can make a definite decision on whether or not abortion is a murder.This research will help to clarify this topic on a wider basis.My opinion on abortion can be explained by simply saying it is a legal and moral choice decided by a woman.No one person has a say on a person’s decision or is fully informed on their personal issues.“Anti-choice proponents can offer pastel photographs of babies in buntings, their eyes peaceful in the cameras gaze.In answer we can’t offer the material of an early abortion, bloody amorphous in a paper cup, to prove that what has just been removed from the mother’s body is not a child”(Gordon, 224).Although I feel it is the woman’s right on deciding this issue, the concern of whether it is a valid reason or not is a major issue.With out a doubt, if a woman is raped I believe abortion is the right choice, but on the other hand a bad decision made one evening, in my belief, is an unmoral reason to abort.


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