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Reena: For your question about the tale now I suggest you read the retelling called "Ugly Sister" in Joanne Harries short story collection "Jigs and Reels".The pantomime's handsome prince is usually a gender-bender too.--Eg.And unlike Cap-o-rushes or many other variations, Cinderella does not start out as a princess.

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And not all versions cast the sisters as ugly--the movie Ever After has a pretty blond as the more wicked of the two step-sisters.

Hiya, I'm currently writing my dissertation on the meaning and importance of fairytales in society by examining the specific case study of Cinderella!

Wondered if anyone has got any suggestions or general comments on Cinderella?

And Derek, who pointed out the theme "when bad things happen to good people." Could part of the story's popularity be attributed to America considering itself the 'land of opportunity'?

Years of immigrant success stories have given the rags-to-riches plot a special sheen, with Perrault's version being the least bloody to hand out to children.


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