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Because most workers have a direct interest in being motivated to work, they should not only participate in the process, but should aka the lead.

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This principle, known as scientific management, was championed by Frederick Taylor in 1911 and is still a powerful reference for modern managers.

The general conclusion Mayo came to was that there is more to work than just the work.

Whether it is money offered by a classical manager, or recognition offered by a behavioral manager, the expectancy theory still applies (Lealer, 1968).

Motivation theories are intended to explain one ingredient in the determination of individual performance.

Mayo and a team of researchers studied the productivity of workers under changing conditions in temperature, humidity, and illumination.

Conventional wisdom at the time was that external working conditions were directly responsible for worker productivity.

His models have been tested and extended, and remain important landmarks in the discipline of industrial psychology.

The expectancy theory can be used in conjunction with any other motivational theories.

He also linked the concept of satisfaction into his model, maintaining that high performance leads to high rewards, which in turn lead to high levels of satisfaction.

Broom’s work is acknowledged as a valuable contribution in the fields of both management and psychology.


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