Essay On How To Make A Better Place

When trying to cure diseases, developed countries and poor countries would have mutual benefits by cooperating.Developed countries could protect their people and improve poor countries’ society by stopping the proxy war in poor countries.

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When my mother saw beggars standing on the intersection asking for help, my mom would try to help them by giving them the money, but my father would argue that you should not help because this would only encourage them to rely on other people’s help.

My father says they should helped by the government, instate of helped by individuals. I disagree with both of them because they do not look at or think about the problem closely enough.

If children refuse to join with the armed forces, the governments, or the rebels could kill them and their families.

As a result, many children die in the war, others have long-term health issues, become problems for their societies, or increases warfare to other countries.

I Changing the World For this assignment I was asked to write a report on someone who has changed the world, or at least the town.

I don't know anything about this town because I just moved here, and I was going to write about Bill Gates, or the President, but than I got to thinking.This helps encourage people who don’t want the hassle of being a member but can still feel like they are helping a good cause by giving money.interaction focuses on how a job can be done better, how best to structure an organization or build a new product (Miller, 2012).If we work together, we may be able to help each other and make this world better.In my opinion, there are several solutions that poor countries and wealthy countries working together could implement that would benefit both.In poor regions, children are always the first victims of war.Often times, they are forced to become soldiers by their governments, or rebels for the opposing sides.Patients are dying because drug companies do not have enough data to produce vaccines to cure patients.When developed countries help poor countries to cure their people, the developed countries could help underdeveloped countries.Since developed countries can provide greater medical resources to poor countries, people living in the poor countries could be cured.As for the developed countries, they can collect samples from the patients so that the drug companies can produce new vaccines for new diseases.


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