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It has had immigrants flea from all different co Immigration to Canada Early immigration to Canada was generated by a network of emigration agents who were salesman who advertised to Canada s attraction s to prospected immigrants.

They targeted wealthy farmers, agricultural laborers and female domestics, preferably from Great Britain, the United States and Northern Europe.

In the nineteenth century, immigrants from southern and eastern Europe brought rich cultural traditions to the area.

In the early years of immigration to America, the foremost groups to fill that land were the English settlers and the Irish.

The reasons for immigration to the "land of opportunity" called America in the early years of our country are clear.

America offered jobs, fruitful and expansive land and freedom from persecution.

They came to America to work on the sugar plantations in Hawaii.

Later, the government restricted the limit of immigrants from Korea.

They find different impacts on the workforce, positive and negative.

And they differ sharply over whether recent levels of immigration help or hurt the economy: one writer suggesting higher levels of immigrants and the other two suggesting a reduced level.


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