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Those called to a nurse career are often said to be in a noble profession. The nurse must care for people in their darkest hours, often taking unfair blame and criticism from their patients.They must understand the emotional side of illness, and how it connects to the health of their patients.There are a great many options available to the nurse, and many benefits to choosing a nursing career.

The ability to teach the next generation is another factor in making the nursing career a noble profession.

A nurse career brings a person a great deal of personal fulfillment.

Many nurses enter into teaching opportunities to help new nurses gain experience and knowledge.

Other nurses may allow young people to shadow them through the course of their work, teaching them what the profession is about. The abilities of the nurse to act selflessly on behalf of her patients and be able to manage the emotional aspects of illness are large factors in the nobility of the profession.

She also needs to be able to help the patient through the feelings so that the emotional aspect of illness does not impede the path to wellness.

The nurse must work through her own feelings and emotions to be able to help her patients, which can be difficult when patients seem to be directing their anger at the nurse.

Nurses pass their knowledge from generation to generation, another aspect of a noble profession.

The nursing career is filled with opportunities to teach new nurses and young people the knowledge of the profession.

Nurses are able to choose their own specialty, working in the field of nursing or medicine that suits them best.

Nursing provides many opportunities for advancement into management, as well as providing job security, even in troublesome times.


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