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Anything that interrupts the communication process is considered… Interruption  Feedback  Noise  Distraction Correct Answer: Noise 8. Each others friends  The things they don’t have in common  Their future together  The problems in the relationship Correct Answer: The problems in the relationship  Care giving  Shared activities Correct Answer: Care giving 28. Nonverbal behaviors that stand in place of verbal messages is which of the following?

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Burgoon also introduces another important dimension to his theory. She identifies this in relation to the fact that people often use space as a special way of elaborating their culture.

The CEO of a company tells her employees that, “the organization is going to be restructuring each department” rather than saying “there are going to be layoffs in each department.” This is an example of:  Equivocations  Abstractions  Jargon  Euphemisms Correct Answer: Euphemisms 17. People who listen closely with the goal of using that information against the speaker at a later time are engaged in what type of behavior?

I call my friend on the phone and ask her how she is doing. I tell her that I hope her day gets better and she says thanks.  Appreciative Listening  Cross examination  Ambushing  Contradicting Correct Answer: Ambushing 36.

An example of a euphemism would be:  Nick saying overweight instead of fat because he doesn’t like the word fat  A man is assertive but when a woman does it she is aggressive  Saying, “We never do anything fun anymore! _________ is a cultural time orientation that views time as flexible, whereby multiple tasks can be pursued simultaneously, whereas _________ is a cultural time orientation that places a high value on time as a commodity and views time as rigid or fixed.

” instead of being specific about what you mean by fun  Telling someone there new shirt looks nice even though it doesn’t Correct Answer: Nick saying overweight instead of fat because he doesn’t like the word fat 16.  High context; low context  Low context; high context  Monochromic; polychronic  Polychronic; monochromic Correct Answer: Polychronic; monochromic 35.


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