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'Your mother tongue would rot, rot and die in your mouth until you had to spit it out".

'Your mother tongue would rot, rot and die in your mouth until you had to spit it out".This means the author has stucked between two languages and the new language (English) is making her lose mother tongue (Gujarati). Second part of the poem is written in Gujarati (mother tongue) and explains her fear of loosing her identity. Third part of the poem is translated in to English and focuses on her determination to retain her Gujarati culture.

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In the following lines, Bhatt uses a metaphor, comparing the mother tongue to some kind of plant, and by implication, the foreign language to some kind of weed or parasite.

This imagery, taken from nature, is picked up in the final stanza where therotten stump of the mother tongue is imagined to grow again into a flower.

Comparing Half Caste and Search for my Tongue Culture.

It’s a very complicated term, with many different interpretations, but what does it actually mean?

In dreams, in thesub-conscious mind, the original language still lives.

The imagery of 'your mother tongue would rot' in the first stanza is reversed in the last stanzaas the 'bud' of the mother tongue re-opens.

We can hear what it sounds like, but unless we speak some Gujarati we cannot know what it means.

What is the effect on you as a reader of this section of the poem?

The lost language can be seen as representative of the loss of a cultural heritage, of values and ways of thinking.

The fact that Bhatt is Asian may suggest that she is referring to how the English colonised India, imposing laws and language. By the end of the poem, the poet has changed her mind.


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