Essay On The Berlin Blockade

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Significance of the Blockade: Soviet Union was strong-minded to show strength and determination even in the moments of defeat from the allied nations, worsening the chances of Cold War (Chung, para16).

Also some events where in USSR was not in agreement with the allied nations, led to blockade in East and West Germany.

As a result, East Germans started migrating to West Germany in hope of getting a better life (Rosenberg para 6).

The easiest approach to West Germany was through West Berlin.

The Soviet Union felt insecurity of its domination in East Germany so when the new currency was introduced in West Berlin, The soviet Union stopped all land communication between West Berlin and Germany’s other zones (Cold war 1: The Berlin crisis, Para 5).

Blockade of Berlin started on June 24, 1948 (Chung, Para 12).It was a primitive solution by USSR to the rise of mass emigration of East Germans to West, resulting in brain drain (Explain the significance of the Berlin Wall in the Cold War, para1).The wall was the result of Khrushchev’s show of power in Berlin.Due to these crises, almost two million citizens had to starve in Berlin.General Clay, the military governor of the American zone said, “When Berlin falls, West Germany will be the next” (Chung, Para 14).The western nations made efforts to stop Russian efforts which became the reason of conflict between the East and the West. Confrontation over Berlin (1948): The bitter relationship between the Soviet Union and the United states before 1948 already made the Berlin crisis predictable.The Western powers wanted to introduce a new currency in German economy (Chung, Para 10).Causes of the Cold War: Before the Second World war there were some economic and political differences between the United States and the Soviet Union and these differences became more powerful after the Second World War (Chung, Para 2).The main causes were; Economic: The United States was interested in supporting free trade in the whole World but The Soviet Union did not show any interest in this venture as it feared if it would trade with the West, it would be influenced by the West.; Power rivalry: Both the powers wanted to dominate each other; Ideological: The United States and the Soviet Union both have different systems of government.The major three events were; the Truman Doctrine and the institution of the Marshall Plan and European Recovery; the London conference of 1948; and the London Program which called for a separate, economically revitalized West Germany (Chung, para16).In desperation, finally, East Germany decided to build a wall separating East Berlin from West Berlin just past mid night of August 12-13, 1961 (Rosenberg para 8).


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