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For those early humans who lived near the sea, rivers or lakes, fish and other seafood were often a part of their diet.Some of these fish were caught using spears, but most early humans used fishing hooks on lines or nets. Early humans often used cast nets with stones attached to the edges to keep the fish from escaping. A printed version may become availbale in the future. When this happens in populations of the same species, living in different areas with somewhat different conditions, this may lead to the populations becoming, in due course, different and new species.

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Essay On The Early Man The Use Of Symbolism In Lord Of The Flies Essay

Publication of Darwin's "Origin of Species" has been described as the most important event and a turning point in the history of Biology.With these publications Man came to be regarded as another product of evolution, as another animal species.Thus Man's opinion about his position in nature underwent a drastic change, from that of a very superior being, next to God in position to that of just another member of the Animal Kingdom.The present century has witnessed a rapid progress in our understanding the mechanism of inheritance among organisms.Thus the branch of Biology, called Genetics, has developed fast.Growth of Genetics has helped a better understanding of the mechanism of evolution, as evolution is only descent with modification.This situation plus continued pondering among biologists on how Man differs from the remaining animal species has led to the realization that, while Man represents culmination of an evolutionary line among the mammalian order Primates, he has come to acquire during his evolution such unique features as make him stand quite apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.The concept of evolution became generally accepted among people of science, following publication of the book, and in the next few years the entire science of biology underwent a rapid remoulding on the basic theme of organic evolution.Charles Darwin wrote also a small book, "Descent of Man", which was published 12 years after the appearance of "Origin of Species". Soon afterwards he started his career as a teacher in Zoology in the M. After retirement he has developed interest in Bioethics, and has taken to popular scientific writing. Rashmi Saxena is a daughter and an intellectual companion of Dr. Efforts to understand Man have been made by several eminent biologists, Julian Huxley, Theodor Dobzhansky, J. In the Middle Ages, when religion dominated Man's thinking, he regarded him-self as a superior being, far superior to other living forms. In the Christian scripture it was said that God had created Man out of his own image. in Zoology with specialisation in Entomology from the Saugar University, Sagar (India) in 1956. Having taught his subject both at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels as Lecturer, Assistant Professor and then as Professor in different M. He participated in the International Congress of Entomology at Hamburg in 1984 and at Vancouver in 1988. Various other branches of Biology, such as Comparative Anatomy, Comparative Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Ecology, have all contributed to the development of the views. In stories of "Panchtantra" and Aesop's Fables human qualities were attributed to animals.


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