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energy and other resources & A ; merchandises in Bangladesh is much less than any developed states. which can be classified into two wide groups: organic and inorganic.

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At the same time, the government charged only a fixed amount for waste disposal services of household waste, regardless of how much waste was disposed.

The Korean economic boom that occurred in last few decades brought with it a substantial increase in municipal solid waste generation.

gender and involvement groups within the small town — should be carried out to promote proper and responsible disposal of waste. the people must do an attempt to dispose of assorted types of waste in a responsible mode.

The general hapless province of cleanliness and the continued usage of unfastened countries for dumping wastes are clear indicants that the bulk of the people are non convinced about the negative wellness and environmental impacts of improper waste disposal. although local ordinances associating to blow disposal exist. The bing ordinances should be reviewed and amended to better monitoring and enforcement. accompanied by a executable aggregation and disposal system.

For a long time, solid waste was not considered to be an environmental issue in Korea.

There was no concern about how much solid waste was being generated and any waste collected from households were dumped in open landfills with no regard for environmental hazards (Hong, 1999).Korea has a high population but a relatively small area, ranking fourth in population density in 1991, behind Bangladesh, Taiwan, and the Netherlands (U. The landfill sites were almost in saturation due to increasing waste and low recycling ratio.As a result, the government needed to allocate more of their budget for waste management, increasing the cost of waste disposal by 33% in 1989, though it remained a single flat rate(Ahn, 2006).Is South Korea’s waste management system as bad as it seems?This article will look into how the waste management system of South Korea (henceforth Korea) came to be as well as the impact that the system has had on Korea. Executive Summary: Bing one of the 3rd universe developing states. members of the Local Project Management Committee and the people of Shimultala for their cordial reception and support.The landfills in Korea also posed a serious problem due to the environmental pollution.The landfills contributed to soil, ground, and surface water pollution, as well as emission of hazardous gases, offensive odours, and unexpected fires.A executable waste aggregation and disposal system should be established instantly. Existing waste direction ordinances and their enforcement should be reviewed and amended.Waste separation should be encouraged and each waste type should be disposed of in an appropriate mode. A assortment of awareness activities — aiming different age.


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