Essay On Why High School Education Is Important

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The figure below is an attempt to visually show these levels of education and just where higher education fits in.

* Higher Education Given that we have a basic definition of higher education, why do you need it?

Almost 9% of homeschoolers had two-year associate degrees, compared with 4% of the general population.

The results of the SAT and ACT, our nation's major college-entrance tests, also credit those students who identified themselves as homeschoolers with outperforming non-homeschooled students.

Higher education, theoretically, will also enable individuals to expand their knowledge and skills, express their thoughts clearly in speech and in writing, grasp abstract concepts and theories, and increase their understanding of the world and their community.

According to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, "We must ensure that our whole population receives an education that will allow full and continuing participation in this dynamic period of American economic history." What Mr.

Higher education includes both the undergraduate (i.e., college) and the graduate (or postgraduate) levels.

Higher education includes most professional education and is strongly vocationally or professionally oriented.

And, most importantly, what is God's plan for your life?

How should you, as a homeschooler, begin approaching higher education?


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