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He or she doesn’t have to spend time thinking of interesting or specific verbs, or writing in clear and concise language.

It may be a time saver, but it will lead to a more muddled paper. Odysseus was a poor leader, which is shown by his refusal to listen to his men. As a poor leader, Odysseus refused to listen to his men. Women were unable to vote for decades after men were able to do so. While men elected official after official, women dreamed of going to the polls themselves. In the first case, it is more concise, and in the second, it forced me to write a more interesting phrase.

“Minor keys, modal movement, and arpeggios are shared by both musical traditions.” The writer is detailing key information at the head of this sentence, but starting off with the context is stronger: “Both musical traditions share minor keys, modal movement, and arpeggios.” 7.

“In this way, the old religion was able to survive the onslaught of new ideas until the old gods were finally displaced by Christianity.” Remember when I wrote that not every passive voice should be targeted for reconstruction?

Note that not every passive construction is evil — sometimes what seems to be the false subject is worthy of prominence — but a preponderance of passive constructions leads to a wearying read. “There is a considerable range of expertise demonstrated by the spam senders.” The actors in this little drama are the spam spenders — or, to be more active, the spam senders are the actors in this little drama.

Direct them center stage, and send the weak “there is” opening packing to the provinces: “The spam senders demonstrate a considerable range of expertise.” 2.Attend to the actors: “The committee determined that the report was inconclusive.” 3.“We were invited by our neighbors to attend their party.” as a sentence opener, but “our neighbors” is stronger still: “Our neighbors invited us to attend their party.” 4.Passive voice is usually used when the object is the main focus.However, people use it when the subject is important and overshadow the importance of the subject.You may be looking at your most recent paper and noticing that almost every sentence contains “is” “was” or “were.” But how do you get these nasty, boring verbs out of there?Here are 4 methods to think about: This is possibly the easiest method for removing dead or passive verbs from your writing.Mercutio was the most interesting character in Romeo and Juliet./ Mercutio stood out as the most interesting character in Romeo and Juliet. Just remove the “ing” and you will have a more active sentence.Examples: She was walking home from school./She walked home from school.Why not write it like this instead: The beautiful, cold, and oblivious woman ignored the young man’s affections. was a great leader and a peaceful man who died in 1968./A great leader and proponent of peace, Martin Luther King Jr. William Shakespeare is one of the greatest writers of all time and was responsible for changing literature forever.


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