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This time, in my 20s, the connection was more intentional and the gang became a group — an intentional women's group. When another was packing for a difficult move, we put notes in every single box reminding her that she was doing the right thing. Some of us started having babies and others did not. At the beginning I was in the 'not married, no kids' camp.

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And I, so fierce in my proclamations, didn't really put up that much of a fight.

I crawled into the other room and I dialled a number.

A friend is a person whom one can know deeply, like and trust forever.

Instead of being some similarity in the nature of two persons involved in the friendship, they have some different traits but they need each other without changing their uniqueness.

They may get topic of friendship to write something or recite on stage about this. These Friendship essay are written in easy English language and will help you to improve English and English writing skill of students.

Friendship is a faithful and loyal relationship between two or more person living anywhere in the world.

In high school I moved in a pack of women who did everything together and the time we spent together was effortless. When one of us was heartbroken, the rest of us slept over and held her tight while she cried. Can you focus on this conversation for ten minutes without talking about your kid's development? I mean we were the ones they'd want to turn to when heavy stuff went down in the marriages? We should be able to rely on each other, more than our partners in some ways.

Sleepovers, camping trips, puppy piling, perfume sample smelling, lake swimming, railroad meandering, french fry eating days — years actually — of girls being girls together, with little awareness of the male gaze or the passage of time. When I graduated and moved to the big city, I fastidiously built up a new world of women around me. When one of us was sick, we dropped everything and delivered a fridge full of food. And bedraggled and their houses smelled like sour milk. We should offer an active loyalty to each other because in the end when we are old and dying …

It is not limited to the age, sex and position of the person means friendship can be between men and women, men and men, women and women or human to animals of any age group.

However, generally it grows between the persons of the same age without the limitation of sex and position.


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