Essays About Tattoos And Piercings

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People want to look attractive and to look differently from the others and do such things as piercing.

It is obvious that there are many parts of the body which can be pierced: eras, nose, eyebrows, lips, tongue, genitals, nipples, etc.

Naturally, decisions of such a permanent nature can alarm, frighten, or even disgust some parents.

However, if parents can put their feelings aside they will be in a better position to talk calmly to their children about these options.

The ones think that such kind of body art is unacceptable, because it spoils the human body making it less attractive.

Moreover, many people think that body piercing is not always safe, because there are millions of cases when the needle has been infected by something and infected the human body as a result and the patient has fallen ill with something.

When parents speak to their adolescent children in a calm and respectful manner, their children are more likely to listen to, and benefit from, their parents' wisdom.

As parents become more knowledgeable and informed about these topics they are better able to assist youth to evaluate the risks and benefits of these procedures.


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