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Jem and Scout, who have sneaked out of the house, soon be a part of him.Scout recognizes one of the men, and her polite questioning approximately his son shames him into dispersing the mob.

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Atticus provides marvelous evidence that the marks on Mayella’s face are from wounds that her father inflicted; upon coming across her with Tom, he referred to as her a whore and beat her.

yet, notwithstanding the large evidence pointing to Tom’s innocence, the all-white jury convicts him.

however, on Dill’s ultimate night time in Maycomb for the summer time, the 3 sneak onto the Radley assets, in which Nathan Radley shoots at them. when he returns for them, he reveals them mended and hung over the fence.

the next wintry weather, Jem and Scout locate extra gives in the tree, presumably left by means of the mysterious Boo.

Atticus’s sister, Alexandra, comes to live with the Finches the subsequent summer season.

Dill, who is supposed to stay along with his “new father” in another town, runs away and is derived to Maycomb.

convinced that Boo did it, Jem tells Atticus approximately the mended pants and the affords.

To the consternation of Maycomb’s racist white network, Atticus is of the same opinion to shield a black guy named Tom Robinson, who has been accused of raping a white woman.

Despite the verdict, Bob Ewell feels that Atticus and the decide have made a idiot out of him, and he vows revenge.

He menaces Tom Robinson’s widow, attempts to interrupt into the decide’s house, and ultimately assaults Jem and Scout as they stroll home from a Halloween celebration.


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