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Determine which chapters, themes and styles you already know and what you need to study for your upcoming essay, midterm, or final exam. Berendt talked about his book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil: A Savannah Story, published by Random House.

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During the interview, Berendt also meets Danny Hansford, a profane, explosive young man who works part-time for Williams.

Berendt is shocked that Hansford has unlimited access to the house.

Williams explains his hypoglycemia, a medical condition that requires someone to watch over him in case he blacks out, as justification for Hansford’s access to the home.

Only later does the author learn of the sexual nature of their relationship.

He renovated his own home, the Mercer House, now one of the grandest homes in Savannah.

As he gives Berendt a tour of his house, he takes pride in his collection of both Faberge objects as well as his World War Two collection, which the author later learns includes a Nazi flag.Part 1 begins with an introduction to Jim Williams.He is partly responsible for the renovation of historic downtown Savannah during the 1950s.In addition to Williams and Hansford, Berendt meets Joe Odom, a part-time lawyer and full-time con man, who is always looking for the next scheme to make money.Often these schemes involve opening his living space for public tours and catered lunches, which the authorities try to shut down.It is also about “Tom’s development of the conscious state in childhood as he becomes aware of complex emphatic feelings and more diverse states of mind which comes about through his desperate need for freedom.” (Natov: 2009, 223) Furthermore how time works and relates to the storyline.Tom Long is forced as he feels into exile away from his home, his family and playmate, Peter, his brother, who is in quarantine as he is infected with measles.This essay is about Tom’s Midnight Garden a book written by Philippa Pearce.The story is about a lonely boy’s adventure in an enchanted garden, who finds a new playmate in Hattie and who shares in the adventure with him.Berendt visited there, including a murder for which Jim Williams was tried four times.When David Howard, the world's leading expert on Armorial Chinese porcelain, visited Williams' house he said that he had thought Williams was "old money from an aristocratic family because he had caught sight of some chairs with needlework on the covers that was unraveling.


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