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They also help people to stay in touch despite their geographical distances.

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The various inherent features of different social websites give flexibility to students to engage on a social level with others according to their comfort.

Firstly, finding a common ground where students can relate, and share with those who have a common interest and the ability In this regards, an SNS has positive social spill over for the community as a whole.

The company operates on the system of multi level marketing.

Members make new members and get monetary benefits on the purchases made by down the line members.

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This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.This essay mainly focuses on how social network sites benefits students, academically, socially and professionally.To begin with, Social network sites highly benefits students academically.Users in turn benefit by being able to sample, hear, download and share songs with friends and other members.Social network groups like Orkut help people get in touch with people they have lost touch with.Members sell the company’s products through social networking.And the members of the company itself constitute a large network, which members use for other businesses as well.The social network sites have emerged as a powerful and effective means for people to not only link and get linked but to use these services as effectively as possible.The growing popularity of these networking sites only proves the simple truth – Social networking has arrived!By comforting, keeping update online on how they got through the problem, resulting in students and friends being closer together.Moreover, SNS have eased load off busy schedules on study and commitment, with an efficient, instant service offered by the networking sites, offers instant update on the profile maintaining contact and updating others of the latest happenings all around.


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