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It examines the notion of natural numbers, the distinction between finite and transfinite (infinite) whole numbers, and the logical validity of the type of proof called mathematical or complete induction.The contents of these essays belong to the foundations of mathematics and will be welcomed by those who are prepared to look into the somewhat subtle meanings of the elements of our number system. Numbers are “things in themselves”Wittgenstein, I believe, was the one who proposed the human inability to communicate with lions, should we give the regal beasts the ability to speak our language.

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Research Paper Throughout math, there are many patterns of numbers that have special and distinct properties.

There are even numbers, primes, odd numbers, multiples of four, eight, seven, ten, etc.

A mio parere il primo articolo è molto più chiaro del secondo, che mette insieme un approccio puramente deduttivo con alcune considerazioni che appaiono poste più o meno a caso: la traduzione pedissequa non aiuta certo.

Un'opera utile soprattutto per capire come i concetti matematici non spuntino dal nulla ma siano figli delle diatribe tra matematici, che si leggono benissimo in filigrana.

Number Theory develops theories, simple equations, and uses special tools to find specific numbers.

Some topic examples from number theory are the Euclidean Algorithm, Fermat? Strangely, the Fibonacci numbers appear in nature too.

), dove con un anno di anticipo su Peano fornisce una descrizione assiomatica dei numeri naturali.

Curiosità: per lui l'induzione matematica è un teorema, perché usa come assioma la possibilità di avere catene infinite di insiemi.

The idea is that each number is the sum of its previous two numbers (n=[n-1] [n-2]) (Kreith). Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2003.

The Fibonacci numbers appear in various topics of math, such as Pascal? It falls under number theory, which is the study of whole or rational numbers.


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