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Klann was able to see past the superficial differences between pig and engine because he had worked in such a wide array of industries.Exploring, reading, traveling–diversifying your own experience, as well as cultivating diversity of experience in the people you collaborate with–are all key to mastering the art of analogy.“The most creative problem solvers are those who draw from more diverse streams of information,” says Pollack.

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There is great beauty to a phrase such as "All whites are created equal." Our forebosses who framed the Declaration of Independence well understood the poetry of our language.

Think how ugly it would be to say "All persons are created equal," or "All whites and blacks are created equal." Besides, as any schoolwhitey can tell you, such phrases are redundant.

One of Apple’s most basic analogies is so commonplace that we forget it was an analogy to begin with: your computer’s “desktop.”Though we forget it, that very word, “desktop,” is an analogy: it was meant to teach new users squeamish about the virtual world that you could use a Macintosh’s graphical interface the same way you used something you were familiar with: the top of your real, physical desk.

Just as you could write words on a piece of paper and retrieve those words later by holding that paper and reading it, so could you store and retrieve words in a virtual “document” on your computer.

Therefore the libbers propose that we substitute "person" everywhere where "white" now occurs.

Sensitive speakers of our secretary tongue of course find this preposterous.

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It's high time someone blew the whistle on all the silly prattle about revamping our language to suit the purposes of certain political fanatics.

If you know the answer to that, you understand the power of analogies.

And you have more in common with Steve Jobs than you may have realized.


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