Free Printable Homework Chart

Placing a copy of this in a binder for them to take to school with them is a great idea as well!

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You may also like these printable first day of school signs and bedtime routine charts too. Just click on the text links below each preview image to download your PDF and then print your preferred hw chart for your home.

Below are a variety of weekly homework charts and planners.

(I’ll be adding more and more over time so check back if you don’t see the one you want.

Or leave a comment and I be able to squeeze in some time to create new ones based off reader feedback.). I’d love a re-pin or facebook share if you’re willing. I hope one of the ones below, whether you use rewards or eschew them, works for your family and each specific child no matter what parenting style you use in your home!I’m not saying any of the either of the above approaches are more correct than the other, to each their own and every child needs to be parented in the way that suits them best.But I’m definitely not going to lose it if my kids miss a day of homework.Sometimes they need a reward on a daily basis (really struggling to form a good habit), sometimes on a weekly basis and sometimes the reward is such that they better do their homework for an entire month if I’m holding up my end of the bargain!So, whether you use these as a homework sticker chart or simply use checkmarks or something else entirely, hopefully, you’ll find a method that will work for your child!RAINBOW WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTMONOCHROMATIC WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTSUBJECT/ASSIGNMENT/DUE DATE/CHECKBOX HOMEWORK CHARTDAILY/WEEKLY HOMEWORK CHARTWEEKLY 8-SUBJECT HOMEWORK CHARTWEEKLY HOMEWORK CHART FOR KIDS The charts below are set up for monthly tracking BUT just because they are monthly homework charts doesn’t mean you can’t set rewards at the daily or weekly level.I’ve always found it to be more effective when I tailor the rewards to each child and subject.😪 I also know that those clothes and supplies can cost a small fortune and with school comes endless homework, extracurricular activities, and the endless stream of paperwork and dates and times to remember for child. Of all the mixed emotions there is a constant that always seems to be a source of frustration in our home: homework.When it comes to homework I’m very, very comfortably between the tiger moms and the free-rangers, who respectively are strict disciplinarians who want sky-high academic results at all times and parents content to let their kids learn by doing and being independent as possible.Think of how great you feel when you are able to get your to do list done for the day.It will also instill a sense of accomplishment and boost self-esteem when your child sees that the chart for the week is completed.


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