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At day 30, a part of him wanted to continue the journey.Slater would go on to co-found Pressed Juicery, a cold-pressed juice company that pegs its projected revenue at more than million for fiscal year 2019.He wasn’t sure how he’d accomplish it, so he started brainstorming and connecting the dots. After spending some time in the weeds, Slater gave himself some good advice. They both shared his passion about the final product, but they had different drives.

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Slater was a self-proclaimed “fast food junkie” for most of his childhood. That all changed when Slater’s yoga teacher walked into the room.

He was the furthest thing from a yogi, so as a theater student at New York University, discovering that an introductory yoga class was a sophomore year requirement left him less than thrilled. He was struck by her beauty, her energy and the way she brought words he’d always heard in passing -- yoga, chanting, macrobiotics -- to life.

Slater began incorporating cold-pressed juice into his morning routines.

He calls it the “catalyst” -- the first real-life experience that opened his eyes to feeling healthier.

“Part of me thinks that so much of our success was because none of us really had any experience,” he says.

Six months after Pressed Juicery officially launched, Slater would learn that lack of experience is a double-edged sword. on a bright, sunny day when the health department came knocking.He was in his mid-twenties with no spouse or dependents, so he told himself it was the best possible time to take the risk.“Everyone from my parents to my boss at the time thought I was crazy,” he says. Carly de Castro, who had recently lost her mother to cancer, felt that if she’d discovered juicing sooner, it could have helped prolong her mother’s health -- and perhaps even lead to recovery.Slater remembers his father sitting across from him, saying, “A juice company? In 2010, drinking your fruits and vegetables wasn’t very trendy.Slater was still making juice at the cupcake shop, and the health department had shown up for a surprise inspection.When he saw the representative, he was almost excited.Slater’s initial reluctance to take the class faded quickly and was replaced with inspiration.He would never forget his teacher’s most loyal sidekick: an ever-present thermos of green juice.His parents’ friends -- and his friends’ parents -- were producers, directors and editors.He interned with Steve Tisch, the producer behind titles such as Forrest Gump and Risky Business.After the show’s wrap, Slater bought a one-way ticket to travel southeast Asia. The battle between creatives and executives drained him, and he could feel what he had loved about the industry -- brainstorming ideas, building them out, filming, editing -- “fizzing away quickly.” Those things were largely inextricable from the industry’s trademark “bullshit,” he says, and after what he’d discovered in his time away, he wasn’t even sure he cared about them anymore.Slater planned to spend a few months traveling through Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Japan, but he couldn’t have known embarking on the trip -- and his subsequent juice cleanse -- would change his life. A light bulb went off in Slater’s mind, sparking his idea to take his newfound passion for health and pursue it professionally. Build some sort of all-encompassing health business? Various people in his life figured if they let him pursue a juice business, he’d soon realize it was a bust and come back to the “right” path. He remembers his boss saying, in typical repartee, “I’ll see you in a couple months when it doesn’t work out.”Within less than a year, Slater pitched his juice idea to two childhood friends and brought them on board.


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