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8) Finding prime numbers: The search for prime numbers and the twin prime conjecture are some of the most important problems in mathematics.

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Fermat’s Last Theorem is one of the most famous such equations.

6) Continued fractions: These are fractions which continue to infinity.

3) Probabilistic number theory 4) Applications of complex numbers: The stunning graphics of Mandelbrot and Julia Sets are generated by complex numbers.

5) Diophantine equations: These are polynomials which have integer solutions.

33) The Chinese Remainder Theorem: This is a method developed by a Chinese mathematician Sun Zi over 1500 years ago to solve a numerical puzzle. 35) Fermat’s Theorem on the sum of 2 squares – An example of how to use mathematical proof to solve problems in number theory. 37) Mathematical proof and paradox – a good opportunity to explore some methods of proof and to show how logical errors occur.

An interesting insight into the mathematical field of Number Theory. 38) Friendly numbers, Solitary numbers, perfect numbers.


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