Genetic Engineering Good Or Bad Essay

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He suspects that’s what happened in the Mitalipov embryos, too—they were missing large-deletion failures.

“If there’s a large deletion created on the chromosome, you need to look specifically for that event,” Thomas says.

The response from the scientific community was immediate and negative. So Wednesday, in the journal —where Mitalipov published the initial work—two groups of researchers published pointed, acronym- and infographic-filled critiques of Mitalipov’s 2017 paper, and Mitalipov attempted to respond. Using existing human embryos for scientific research is mostly a no-no in the US, so the scientists took normal human eggs and fertilized them with sperm containing a mutant version of a gene called MYBPC3.

Because the ethics don’t matter—well, not yet—if the science doesn’t actually work. That version underlies a disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, the most common cause of sudden death in young athletes.

Everyone, including Mitalipov, says it’ll take more research to be sure.

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That’s fine with him; he understands that people have plenty of concerns about what he says he did.If his method really works, it only works in embryos with one wild-type copy of a gene, for one thing—there has to be a wild-type version of the gene for the cell to copy.But more than that, it takes time and work for new ideas to penetrate a field.“If that’s correct, then it’s puzzling that they don’t report more mosaicism in those embryos,” says Paul Knoepfler, a cell biologist at UC Davis.“Mosaicism” is when a single organism has different genomes in different cells.“There are dogmas, particularly in biology,” Mitalipov says.“And we just bumped in with our result, saying this is an unknown but strong repair pathway in human embryos.”It’ll certainly take time for that “dogma” to make way for this approach.Before coming to WIRED, Rogers was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT and a reporter for Newsweek.He is the author of the New York Times science bestseller Proof: The Science of Booze.One of his embryos showed “allele dropout,” when his team couldn’t detect alleles from both parents.“It is uncertain whether gene correction by inter-homolog recombination occurred in all of the embryos, some of the embryos, or, in the most extreme case, none of the embryos,” Jasin adds.


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