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You can also use a quote as an attention getter in your introductory paragraph.Quotes can inspire readers, make them laugh, and make them think.Sometimes the things that are free are those which cost the most.

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As your instructor reads your essay, he or she should clearly be able to see which.

Here, then, is some advice that will help you incorporate quotations into your writing in. You can write a 500 word essay and go overkill on massive quotes.

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The challenge you will face as a writer is knowing how to select quotes for an essay. How do you determine the best places in your essay for incorporating quotes? What we are going to do is go over the definition of a quote and the best ways to use quotes in your essays.

Good Quotes For Essay Writing

A quote is simply a direct, word for word repetition of something another person has said. When you include a quote in your essay, it should be enclosed in quotation marks, and you should always include an attribution (the name of the person whose quote you are using).

Knowing how to incorporate quotes and paraphrases into an essay enables a writer to provide support for his/her claims. If you bring your essay to a screeching halt in order to introduce the full name and credentials of each. Such hook for an essay might be perfect once you talk about some particular author or his story, he has to know how to have a good conversation.

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Websites such as, and are huge repositories of quotes. However, before you use any quote, you should do a bit more research. Once you are confident that quote is correct and the person being quoted is beyond reproach, you are ready to think about how you will use the quote in your essay.

As mentioned above, the introduction to your essay is a great place for a quote.


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