Google Scholar Research Papers

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scholar knows to search for your specific journal website).

Google Scholar makes it possible for anyone to freely search for and find relevant scholarly content on the web from anywhere in the world.

A primary benefit of Google Scholar is that, unlike other databases, its search functionality focuses on individual articles, not entire journals.

So having your articles indexed in Google Scholar can help more scholars discover the journals you publish when those articles show up in keyword and key phrase searches.

Before we get into the specific benefits of Google Scholar and its inclusion requirements, let’s first take a look at what Google Scholar is exactly and how it works.

Like Google, Google Scholar is a crawler-based search engine.As noted, Google Scholar doesn’t just index all of the content it can access on the web.Rather, it seeks to index content from what it deems to be “trusted” publication websites.So if you publish via a Google Scholar indexed aggregator or database, or if you regularly upload articles to one, you may also be able to have articles added to Google Scholar through it.You’ll want to check with any journal hosting platform or aggregator to make sure that they support indexing in Google Scholar.A 2015 survey on 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication also found that 92% of academics surveyed used Google Scholar.With so many researchers using Google Scholar, it’s a search engine that all journal publishers should prioritize.Journal publishers should also contact Google Scholar to request inclusion in the index.If you’re not sure whether your journals are being indexed by Google Scholar, you can quickly check by searching your journal website domain (e.g. If you find that one or more of the journals you publish are not yet being indexed by Google Scholar you’ll need to take some steps to get them added to the search engine.If you ask any researcher which online outlets they use to find relevant journal articles, there’s a good chance that Google Scholar will be at the top of their list.The 2018 “How Readers Discover Content in Scholarly Publications“ report found that researchers rated academic search engines as “the most important discovery resource when searching for journal articles,” and Google Scholar is among the most widely used free academic search engines available.


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