Graphical Method Of Solving Linear Programming Problems

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A majority of airlines optimize flight schedules to get the highest revenue and lowest cost.

These airlines schedules involve a lot of situations and restrictions such as the number of planes at a particular location, fuel, crew, and type of route (popular and profitable routes).

This step occurs in the second iteration of the Simplex method, as shown in tableau II.

The corresponding value to F-vertex is calculated in it, and Z = 24 is the obtained value for the function.

These situations and restrictions are known as the constraints of flying planes on the most popular and profitable route.

Linear programming is used to find the solution for the given constrained problem.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn about linear programming, and the following topics will be covered: Mathematically, linear programming optimizes (minimizes or maximizes) the linear objective of several variables subject to the given conditions/constraints that satisfies a set of linear inequalities.

Linear programming can be applied in planning economic activities such as transportation of goods and services, manufacturing products, optimizing the electric power systems, and network flows.

LP is applicable in all kinds of problems such as economic activities in agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, energy, logistics, and supply chain.

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