Hip Hop Essay Introduction

The prevalence of soul dancing in Japan in the earlier years also formed the basis for the wide acceptance of the hip-hop culture into the Japanese culture because soul dancing was common in the streets since most of the first generation hip-hop music artists in Japan began by street dancing.For example, artists like crazy-A performed on the parks drawing many fans to the Hip-Hop music.

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Although the hip-hop music was first ignored by the famous music production houses in Japan, it found its way to the masses.

Some MCs tried to be more entertaining by talking in time to the beat of the music and using rhymes, and by doing this they invented rapping. Carus / CC BY-SA 3.0 As rapping became more popular, more DJ and MC duos formed.

Image: New York rapper Joey Badda$$ perfoming at Splash! As the competition grew, DJs began improving their beats by using techniques like sampling short drum breaks and scratching.

MCs also began improving their raps by using more complex rhymes and by developing flow, or the ability to rap with a good sense of rhythm and a natural flowing style.

Hip hop music was only performed live at first, but in 1979 a hip hop single called , an early example of socially-conscious hip hop.


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