Homework Activities For Kindergarten

To get your free download of the homework cover sheet, This is what the cover sheet for my weekly homework looks like.

I change the activities for each day weekly, except that they always take home books to read on Mondays or the beginning of the week, and they always return their homework on Fridays or the last day of the week.

If a book doesn’t come back, then I call or ask parents at dismissal time immediately for the book.

The child cannot get any new ones until the previous one is paid for.

Every so often, people ask me what I give for Kindergarten homework.

In this post, I will tell you how I create homework for kindergarten and manage it as quickly and easily as possible. The free download for the cover sheet of the homework is editable, too, so that you can change it each week to reflect what you are working on in your own class.

I give them Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) boards to have their children read, and change them out each month.

I think this really helps some children learn to sound out words more easily because of the continued practice, and it goes very quickly once they get good at it. I do guided reading with my class, and we check out books for them to take home.

I use library book pockets and index cards for my check out system.

Each book has a library pocket on the inside with an index card inside it.


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