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Don’t let your child’s frustration get you both down about reading time in your home.Try to find strategies that help make this a positive experience in your home.

I wanted to see my student’s thinking and feel confident that the work they did was rigorous and accomplished my goals as a teacher. For reading homework, I always assigned my students nightly reading and gave them a reading log to complete.

Although I never wanted to admit it, I knew that a completed reading log at the end of each week didn’t mean any REAL reading actually took place. While I do believe children should read purely for the enjoyment of reading, I knew as a teacher I wanted a bit more.

Be sure to check out my other blog post on Getting Rid of Reading Logs!

In my previous Homework Help post I shared a couple of my favorite ways to help children learn new spelling and sight words. What I want to share are some strategies that I’ve found most helpful when completing these reading assignments at home. Goal: To get your child to enjoy reading and gain some confidence in his or her reading abilities.

It was a problem I was aware of but was too exhausted to find a solution for. I wanted something that I could give my students that would NOT be overwhelming and would reinforce the reading skills I wanted them to practice. This little nightly assignment provides students with meaningful reading practice without taking up too much time and becoming a burden.

This is exactly why I FINALLY created a reading homework system that would solve my problems. Students reread the passage each night, improving comprehension and fluency naturally.Fantasy (fiction), 1,234 words, Level P (Grade 2), Lexile 650L Ms. Rose's fifth grade class is a fun place to learn, but make sure you do your homework! Follow your child’s interests and give lots of praise for their efforts. Study Strategy: Find a way to make the excuse part of the solution. Ask the child to explain why it is stupid or boring?Sometimes a little encouragement and confidence boost can go a long way for a reluctant reader! What details in the story need to be more exciting?Today I want to discuss that line on your child’s homework sheet that says: “Read with your child”It can be phrased is a variety of ways: Belle’s teacher writes: It can be stated in any number of ways, but the goal is the same. This request seems easy enough, until you are met with resistance from a frustrated reader or a reader who you don’t feel is connecting with the text. Study Strategy: Find a way to make the task of reading a little more interesting or enjoyable.You can find books that are of high interest to your child.If Johnny is in his dinosaur phase, then try to pick out some eye-catching books along that theme.If Susie doesn’t like to sit at her desk to read, let her make her very own cozy reading nook that she can bring only her favorite books into.To make it even better, I’ve turned it into a 100% digital resource! Also, I love the fact that this assignment can give the teacher a quick peek into what each student still needs help with.If a student is struggling with “Main Idea”, you are going to know it without having to formally assess.


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