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Many a time, they offer some services that are too good to resist and little did we know that these are merely baits that eventually make us fall as victims of various forms of frauds or scams which dominates the online world today.

Due to this, we have to be very careful when picking which website to deal with and entrust our assignments with.

Team members have advanced degrees in fields such as public health, health education, medicine, and counseling.

The site came online in 1994; 20 years later, more than 4 million people were visiting monthly.

The site asks users to avoid sending homework questions, though it can be used for research issues. This site, launched in 2002, typically sees more than a million visitors a month during the school year.

Answers are typically sent within five business days. Everything on the site is free, supported by advertising, though some links take you to fee-based sites.

Questions and answers tend to be more social than academic but would be useful in essays.

This Library of Congress service lets students ask questions and receive emailed responses from librarians.

Students can use the site for homework and exam preparation. Hippo Campus is powered by The NROC Project, a nonprofit, member-driven group focused on new models of digital content development, distribution, and use.

Answerology users can answer each other's questions and form “Question Groups” that track the questions on a homework topic.


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