Hotel Development Business Plan

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You don’t need to go into details profit and loss analysis here (that can come later) but make sure you are setting the reader up to understand why your projections make sense.

The clientele you target will be dependent on a number of factors including location, how luxurious your facilities are, and the nearby attractions.

Be sure to refer back to the picture you have previously painted to fit your stated demographic.

Your reader doesn’t need all the details, just enough to get a flavor for the arrangements you have come to.

Additionally, you should discuss any arrangements you will be seeking that you need.

Our Personnel Panda Tip: A hotel staff is vital to its operation.

Here, you want to discuss how many on-site staff you will have generally during hours of operation (and overnight of course) as well as your cleaning staff and any food service staff.

You want them to see your vision so get as detailed as possible – this is a big selling point in the hospitality industry.

You may also want to get into other services that your hotel will provide on-site. Additionally, you can describe the regular food services that you will offer – for instance, an on-site restaurant, a bar, or room service.

The goal is to create a narrative and your opening paragraph should serve as that narrative’s introduction. This gives the reader lots of context with regard to the setting in which your hotel will be located. Again, we are trying to really paint a picture in the Executive Summary that can be fleshed out with the details that are in the rest of the plan.

Because location is so important with a hotel, the next step is to get a little in depth with regard to the area in which it is being built. The actual hotel facilities are very relevant to your Executive Summary. You may have other information that is specific to your vision, and anything you deem relevant to getting that vision across can go in the Executive Summary.


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