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Determining your goals and objectives will point your business in the right direction.Goals tell you where you want to take your business and objectives show you how to get there, so in order to determine your objectives, you’ll first need to decide on your goals.

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It will help you manage everything from cash flow and personnel to marketing and brand awareness.

Having things in writing will also make it easier to monitor your company’s performance and identify areas where you might be falling short.

Hank Boyer, executive coach and CEO of Boyer Management Group, notes that most business plans are quite basic to begin with, but tend to evolve and become more detailed over time.

“Creating a business plan is by nature iterative, so most start out on the simple side,” he says.

“As Market Analysis assumptions are proven and new information becomes available, the plan evolves.

Start-up business plans are highly speculative because the business is unproven.” On the other hand, a well-established business has the validity of years of experience and can develop a more detailed plan from the start.

Having a business plan will put everyone on the same page and prevent any misunderstandings early on.

A well-written business plan will provide your business with the structure it needs to run smoothly by laying out what your priorities should be and the actions you’ll need to take.

Starting a new business is always a bit of a gamble, of course, but during the planning stage it’s better to be realistic than optimistic.

“In my experience, the single largest reason a business plan fails is that those creating the plan under-calculate the time and cost that will be required for the plan to break-even,” says Boyer.


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