How To Solve Number Problems

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This post is part of a series on how to solve algorithmic problems.From my personal experience, I found that most of the resources were just detailing solutions.

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What a huge task this is for our little guys and gals, huh? ” Well, there’s a lot more to numberless word problems than what I initially thought.

If only we had a way to help them truly process the problem and understand what they were being asked to solve. It’s a strategy called, Numberless Word Problems…and it’s so easy to implement. In fact, a numberless word problem isn’t entirely numberless, it just starts out that way.

The jeans she wanted cost £48.75, the sweat shirt cost £29.99, the trainers cost £59.80. These were his results: 1st hour 219 cars 2nd hour 498 cars 3rd hour 314 cars 4th hour 189 cars.

To the nearest hundred how many cars did he record? The average annual temperature in the Antarctica is -570C.

Even though our little darlings try to make it easy by absentmindedly adding numbers together to get the sum or subtracting one number from another to get the difference, it’s not that simple.

Students must truly understand the problem scenario before they can solve it.Having whiteboards and concrete objects available for them to use is very helpful.This freedom of choice allows them to work at their developmentally appropriate level.There IS a way to significantly help your students better understand and solve story problems. When I initially heard of numberless math word problems my first thoughts were, “No way! All numbers are removed temporarily while students process what the situation is and determine what information is needed to solve the problem. So, I said a little prayer for good luck and jumped right in to using numberless word problems with my first graders.As students ask for specific information, snippets of data are revealed until a solution is reached. Well, I decided to give this new approach a try because, honestly, there was nothing to lose. The results weren’t immediate, but with repeated exposure and practice students began to identify the parts of the problem and see the relationships between them.You could ask the children problems involving positive and negative numbers for example: The temperature in Reykjavik at 6am was -120C. The average annual temperature in the Maldives is 270C. Word problems are a great way to see math in the real world.Creating a chart like the one below is helpful, especially when you first introduce this strategy. ”This encourages your students to think about what “could be” asked, which helps them identify and process important aspects of the problem.The first time you have students do this, don’t be surprised if they respond with silence and blank stares.We just move the bits to the left which means multiplying this number by 2 (Why 2? In base 10, shifting to the left means multiplying by 10).To move them to the right, we use the operator to 1. Concerning the time complexity, we iterate 32 times over each element of the list which still gives us a linear complexity.


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