How To Solve Physics Problems Easily

Definition problems all have in common an essentially plug-and-chug approach.

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Determine the time taken by the stone to reach the ground.

Assume the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 ms A police car is parked at the side of a highway with its engine running. The police immediately give chase, moving with a constant acceleration until they catch the speeding car after 50 s.

Although most students love experimental work (except perhaps for the Lab Reports), many students experience difficulty when first encountering Physics problem solving exercises.

Often students lose confidence in themselves because of the difficulty they have with solving mathematical Physics problems.

Exceptions are cases in which you can’t visualize what the equation means or where it came from, or in which you are asked to look at multiple points and need to keep the given information straight.

In those cases, the picture tends to be a well-labeled picture of the actual situation, rather than an abstract picture such as a free body diagram.Also we have created dynamic physics tools, which help you to find the answerer for many physics related problems. Com offers a complete working tool for science teaching and learning. Com is all at once: A huge collection of online resources for students and teachers We offer to science teachers and students a large collection of interactive Flash™ animations, Flash™ dynamic tools to solve problems, Java applet animations, interactive Java Scripts/ Ajax tools.A working tool for students Each animation comes together with scientific background behind the animation and guidelines allowing the students to review the key functionality illustrated by the animation.By its very nature Physics is the most fundamental of all Sciences.Physics attempts to describe and explain the universe as accurately and precisely as possible, from the tiniest entity and interaction to the largest.Make sure you state the answer with its correct units. Set out all solutions neatly and in a logical manner. That will not only help you, when you come back to study, it will develop a habit of neat, logical solutions that will impress examiners and make it easy for them to follow. There are lots of questions and worksheets on my site. Ask your teacher for guidance on what to buy and also for extra questions that he or she may be able to supply for you. If you want to be the best problem solver you can be you must practise on a regular basis.A train travels from one station, A, to the next station, B, at a constant speed of 100 km/h and returns at a constant speed of 150 km/h. The reason is that the acceleration is not constant over the whole journey.It is easier to manipulate equations using pro-numerals rather than numerals.Having performed any required re-arrangement, substitute the data, making sure to use both appropriate units (usually SI Units) and appropriate signs ( or -) for all vector quantities.Compare the average speed and the average velocity for this journey. This is not one continuous trip where a train accelerates uniformly from 100 km/h to 150 km/h and we want to calculate its average speed over that period of time.The train in this question must accelerate and decelerate albeit briefly on each leg of its journey.


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