How To Solve Plugged In Not Charging Problem

So before you replace your battery with a new one or buy a new charger, let us get some solution to the user’s questions like “Why does my laptop say plugged in not charging?” Recommended: 500 Internal Server Error Not every time you get an error like this, it is because of a faulty battery or a charger.Follow the given steps to complete the process and get rid of plugged in not charging windows 8 error. Step 4: And now reconnect the charging plug to the laptop.

Cleaning the vents and removing the dust also helps in the process of charging.

You should try this method while the batteries and the power are plugged in.

Laptops are one of those non-living things that plot against people. Whenever you are in a hurry and require a charged laptop or when you are in the middle of an important work and your laptop shows low battery, and you plug in your charger. You get an error which says “Plugged in, not charging.” There can be other reasons that lead to such errors.

Issues like plugged in charging but not charging cause annoyance and disturbance in our work.

And so if your laptop is also facing heating issues then probably the solution to such laptops is allowing the device to cool down. A hot laptop interferes with the charging process and so by letting the laptop sit for several minutes or a few hours will help it cool down.

You can also follow the given tricks to cool the laptop down.

If not, then try to update all the other battery related drivers present.

If the laptop plugged in not charging Windows 10 problem persists even after updating the drivers, then you can try reinstalling them by uninstalling it first.

The error arises due to some minor software and hardware issues as well.

Usually, when your laptop faces this error, the charging light will not be visible.


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