How To Write A Research Paper On Childhood Obesity

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Be sure to include specific examples in your paper.

Research the popular fast food companies and find out statistics to back your claim.

You want to be able to write exactly what parents should do.

While child obesity is a growing concern among society, is it an issue that should be dealt with as to who is responsible for the obesity itself, or is it an issue that should be analysed as to what can be done about it?

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For further information, including about cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy .As far as the food addiction goes, maybe it is not the food we are addicted to but the time it takes to get that food.People are so swamped with busy schedules and it is easy to just run through to the drive thru, eat quickly, and spend more time with our families.Further, schools can build into the school day more time for active play.All strategies should be based on health benefits rather than weight loss.If a child is the responsibility of a parent or guardian, should the parent then take on total responsibility of making good decisions for his or her child?When is the child responsible for his or her decisions is a good question.Your thesis statement should include your reasons for supporting your beliefs.You could also put more emphasis on how parents can take more responsibility for the food they offer their children.I think that those parents who point fingers at fast food companies are the minority.I believe that most parents are smart enough to realize that fast food is a poor food option for their children.


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