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Each provision has multiple options and decisions that today's mobility professionals need to assess and monitor.

Whether you have devoted your career to global mobility or are just getting started, continuing education on these topics is important.

The opportunity to make an employer-sponsored international move can be hard to resist.

Why would anyone refuse the chance to take an exciting position in a new country and be well paid in the process?

Past articles in the series Assignment letters: this fourth article in the series is about assignment letters, which are used by organizations to document the terms and conditions relating to an international assignment or transfer.

Assignment letters can vary in length and complexity and need to be done correctly in order to avoid any miscommunications, risks or increased costs.Our newest Back to Basics article provides a thorough review of the components of assignment letters.Short-term assignments: this third article in the series is about short-term assignments (STA), typically defined as a temporary transfer across national borders that generally lasts more than three months and less than a year.If your motives are not sufficiently aligned with your partner’s, inevitably it will poison the move.So don’t take that assignment unless you are both on board with the decision and committed to making the move a success.And even if they don’t fail outright, the wrong assignment at the wrong time can undermine your long-term career prospects and have a negative impact on your relationship with your partner and the wellbeing of your family. Here are five reasons not to take an international assignment.Any one of them is a red flag; two or more increase the risks significantly. Your partner is not really on board One set-up-to-fail scenario is when the assignment is a good deal for you, but not for your partner.Assignments can involve contributing to technical cooperation with governments, community-based initiatives, humanitarian relief, rehabilitation and electoral and peace-building processes. The issues and components that are prevalent within a global organization's international assignment program are plentiful and can be complex.Multinational companies (MNCs) face an increasing need for leaders with international job experience, openness towards people with other cultural backgrounds and receptiveness to other ways of doing business within the organization.Traditionally, such cross-cultural skills and abilities are acquired during long-term expatriation and nurtured through training and mentoring.


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