Legalisation Of Cannabis Uk Essay

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A few years ago, the National Academy of Medicine convened a panel of sixteen leading medical experts to analyze the scientific literature on cannabis. His wife’s remark alarmed him, and he set out to educate himself.The report they prepared, which came out in January of 2017, runs to four hundred and sixty-eight pages. Berenson is constrained by the same problem the National Academy of Medicine faced—that, when it comes to marijuana, we really don’t know very much.

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Are users smoking less, to compensate for the drug’s new potency? Is high-potency cannabis more of a problem for younger users or for older ones?

Because of recent developments in plant breeding and growing techniques, the typical concentration of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, has gone from the low single digits to more than twenty per cent—from a swig of near-beer to a tequila shot.

Then come Chapters 5 through 13, the heart of the report, which concern marijuana’s potential risks. Does the use of cannabis increase the likelihood of fatal car accidents? For other drugs, it’s nonlinear: twice the dose can increase the effect tenfold, or hardly at all. It also matters, of course, how cannabis is consumed.

For some drugs, the dose-response curve is linear: twice the dose creates twice the effect.

It is a gateway drug which leads to use of harder drugs...

Legalisation Of Cannabis Uk Essay

To smoke cannabis for some time can also make people less motivated.This may lead to a person saying or doing something they would not normally do, or taking risks which may put them in danger...Legalisation could make cannabis socially acceptable and so encourage use of this substance and others more dangerous. It is the first step on the road to hard drug addiction...Introduction: Nowadays (some) most of young people use some type of drugs, despite of the fact they are illegal. Cannabis is the general term applied internationally to the Indian hemp plant, Cannabis sativa, when the plant is used for its pleasure-giving effects.(parties, discos, bars...) The most popular in our country may be... It is primarily a depressant, however it may have hallucinogenic effects.All the evidence suggests that the cause is a personality type.Cons of legalisation: All drug use has some dangers, there is no need for anyone to risk their health.It contains no bombshells or surprises, which perhaps explains why it went largely unnoticed. But he has a reporter’s tenacity, a novelist’s imagination, and an outsider’s knack for asking intemperate questions. The first of Berenson’s questions concerns what has long been the most worrisome point about cannabis: its association with mental illness.It simply stated, over and over again, that a drug North Americans have become enthusiastic about remains a mystery. Many people with serious psychiatric illness smoke lots of pot. He warned that the fastest-growing segment of the legal market in Washington State was extracts for inhalation, and that the mean THC concentration for those products was more than sixty-five per cent. It can be smoked, vaped, eaten, or applied to the skin. Last May, not long before Canada legalized the recreational use of marijuana, Beau Kilmer, a drug-policy expert with the Corporation, testified before the Canadian Parliament.


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