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But academic writing uses other Latin abbreviations too.You might have seen ‘et al.’ (‘and others’), ‘ibid.’ (‘in the same place’) and ‘op cit.’ (‘in the work cited’) used for referencing sources.\end \documentclass \usepackage[colorlinks] \usepackage[symbols,nogroupskip, record % using 'bib2gls' ] \Gls Xtr Load Resources[ src=,% entries in 'greek-symbols.bib' type=symbols,% put these entries in the 'symbols' glossary save-locations=false% don't save locations ] \begin \tableofcontents \printunsrtglossary[type=symbols,style=long,title=] \chapter Reference symbols: $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$.

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In this post, we take a look at some common types of abbreviation and how to use them.

Acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations made from the first letter of each word in a phrase: ).

I want that all the abbreviations appearing in the text should automatically generate a list at appropriate place in thesis. I have used following syntax, but for this we have to type the entire list manually.

I want the list to be generated automatically once I describe the abbreviation in text.It is possible to include a location, but as with all manual methods, this can be tiresome an error-prone.The following example only includes a location for the first symbol: \documentclass \usepackage[colorlinks] \usepackage[symbols,nogroupskip,record] \glsxtrnewsymbol[ description=, location= ] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \begin \tableofcontents \printunsrtglossary[type=symbols,style=long] \chapter\label Reference symbols: $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$. The list of symbols now looks like: This method is more complicated as it requires an extra step in the build process.Parsing 'mydoc.slo' 5 problematic entries found: Label: 'chi'.Sort value : '\ensuremath ' (Try adding sort= to the definition.) Label: 'delta'.When sorting by definition (), this method differs from Method 1 as it only includes those entries that have been used in the document (whereas Method 1 lists all defined entries).Adjusted example (third page modified to show effect): \documentclass \usepackage[colorlinks] \usepackage[symbols,nogroupskip,nonumberlist,sort=use] \makenoidxglossaries \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \glsxtrnewsymbol[description=] \begin \tableofcontents \printnoidxglossary[type=symbols,style=long,title=] \chapter Reference symbols: $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$.The key is knowing which abbreviations are used in your subject area, especially in disciplines like law where Latin terms are very common.Other common abbreviations include titles, measurements and dates: Whether to put a full stop after an abbreviation can be confusing, as rules vary.Reference Latin symbols: $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$, $\gls$. These come in many forms, most with important roles in academic writing (not least ensuring brevity).


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