Literature Review On Ratio Analysis

Literature Review On Ratio Analysis-76
Finance is very essential for every business to run successfully.To run the business every organization will need financial support.

Now it has introduced the lot of facility in Internet banking that benefits the customers.E-Banking is more comfortable for the customers and bank.Critically analyzing the ratios of HSBC bank to study the financial performance of bank during 2010-2011 and also study the functions of internet banking system in HSBC bank.The system and the procedures followed by the HSBC bank is also one of my interests to choose the HSBC bank.This bank follows the banking rules and regulations given by the government and fair trade practice. In internet banking system, there are many options for doing the transaction easily and safely.Today bank has introduced various facilities through internet.E-Banking is a revolution that changes the banking system around the world.There are more resources available for doing this work.There are many financial books available to elaborate the ratio analysis.To study the roles of Internet Banking in HSBC To review the benefits of internet banking to customer and bank To make suggestions & recommendations for improving the financial position As I am a finance student, am very much interested in doing the ratio analysis of the company because of that we can able to know the financial performance of any company.I am very eager to know the financial status of the HSBC bank always.


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