Logical Problem Solving Questions

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So interviewers need to know how a candidate approaches a problem. Or do you not rest until you get to the core of the problem to see what the mistake was? But to know where the mistake has occurred and learning from it helps you move ahead.

Only if the candidate shows signs that he is approaching the problem with a positive attitude, then the interviewers get the impression that he will be able to solve the problem no matter what. So as a potential candidate it is essential that you demonstrate to the interviewers that you are not disappointed by failures and that you learn from it.

The first step is to describe a situation as the question demands. Tell them the task you were supposed to complete or solve. Like instead of telling that the productivity increased, it is better to answer that the productivity increased by 10%.

Also tell them the role assigned to you if it was teamwork. Tell them about the problems and challenges faced while planning and implementing it. Tell them if the task was completed successfully or not. So prepare well ahead of the interview and have all the figures in your mind instead of just throwing out some random figure at the time of interview.

So a candidate has to prepare himself for the interview in order to impress the interviewers and only if a candidate is successful in exhibiting his talent and skills, he will land a job in the organization.

Interview in itself is a test to know the ability of the candidate. As a candidate you need to prove to the interviewers that you are a man ready to face any kind of challenges in your profession. How effectively will you be able to convince others with your ideas?

Be it a manager or an accountant, be it a doctor or an engineer and be it a banker or a teacher, there cannot be an interview without the technical questions being raised.

Your technical prowess is the reason why you are being called for an interview.

It is not enough that you just find out where you went wrong. Don’t leave it for another time or for the next one.

The interviewers would want a candidate who knows where he has gone wrong and how did he go about rectifying the problem thereafter.


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