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It is packed with over 500 professional high quality business plan samples that you can refer to outline your business plan.

-- c) i Planner is the perfect software to choose for your small business plan writing needs.

It includes many documentation creation tools, financial calculators and chart generators that are very simple and easy to use.

· This tool is not applicable for an already existing plan.

Hence, not suitable for users who want to modify an existing plan.

Below given is the list of the top 3 free business plan software for Mac.

· Live Plan is a web ba_x_sed free business plan software for Mac that provides simple easy to understand step by step instructions that help you to formulate your business plan.It has a business model fr_x_amework with which you can design your business model on a real time basis with your team members.· The software offers an extremely useful business tool that eliminates the need of paper work or spreadsheets and in person meetings.This means that Live Plan follows that format and guidelines that are listed out the investors and banks.Live Plan’s Pitch feature enables you to visually present your business opportunity in a single page.· You need to do a lot of trial and error analysis in choosing the services that are applicable to your organisation’s structure.· The software is a subsc_x_ription ba_x_sed and have a wide of range of price points depending on the tools you are going to choose.-- · Win Web is an online software that not only helps you in designing your business plan but also helps you to operate your business smoothly and efficiently by offering a number of tools like the accounting tool.· It provides Enterprise and Manufacturing Resource Planning by offering tools to manage financial, billing and invoice management, supply chain solutions, ware housing and many more services.For any organisation to reap profits and grow at an exponential growth formulating a business plan is extremely critical.A business plan summarises a company’s goals, mission, and values along with its marketing and financial needs.


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