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We then get a shot of a factory, where Madonna’s shirtless, muscular men slave away as rain bounces off their chiseled biceps and triceps. If Madonna wants to dress like a man, wear a monocle, and grab her crotch — she can. If she wants to debase herself and sip milk from a bowl like a cat — she can. Madonna has spoken out against this perceived plagiarism more than once. In 2012, she reprimanded Gaga during her “MDNA” tour when “Express Yourself” was performed as a mash-up with “Born This Way,” revealing how similar the two tunes actually are.

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But Madonna didn’t throw money at the project to make a striking video; she had a bold vision of what the song could stand for on the small screen.

She went on to say: “Sometimes you feel that if you ask for too much or ask for the wrong thing from someone you care about that that person won’t like you. I’ve been guilty of that in every meaningful relationship I’ve ever had.

The time I learn how not to edit myself will be the time I consider myself a complete adult.” “Express Yourself” is a complete rebuke of “Material Girl” — a joke few understood anyway.

“Papa Don’t Preach,” a song about not getting an abortion — even though she was young and in “an awful mess” — was anything but feminist.

Many point to 1992’s as the best case for Madonna, the Feminist.


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