Math Dissertation

Such a paper gives the student an opportunity to demonstrate his or her skills beyond the standard course and exam measures and is valuable training for future large-scale writing.

Term papers may be presented at a mini-conference at the end of the spring semester and will be used in the overall evaluation of the qualifying exam.

Students should refer to the graduate catalog, available on the Graduate College web site, for more details on graduate college requirements for Ph D candidates.

Units may not be counted towards both the major and minor.

This rule can be waived by the Associate Head for the Graduate Program in exceptional circumstances.

For each of the traditional core courses, Algebra, Real Analysis, and Geometry–Topology, students must either take the course and receive a grade of B or better in both semesters or earn a high pass on the corresponding written qualifying exam.

A priori unacceptable courses include those cross listed in mathematics or taught by a mathematics faculty member.

An exception is that courses offered by the math department in mathematics education may be used to satisfy the outside course requirement by students whose dissertation is not in mathematics education.

Ph D students in mathematics may declare their minor in mathematics or in a supporting discipline.

Requirements for the minor are determined by the minor department. Students contemplating a minor should consult with the Associate Head for the Graduate Program and their dissertation advisor regarding the suitability of their plans.


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