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In an article written by Fletcher in which she analyzes three of the play writer’s plays, Euripides is known to have women tendering oaths to men, which in that time was an extreme social challenge to the hierarchy of society (Fletcher)....

[tags: Medea, Greek mythology, Medea, Marriage] - The Medea written by Euripides and Agamemnon written by Aeschylus are classical Greek plays written in 5th century B. These plays include a strong backdrop of a patriarchal society that existed in ancient Greece.

Euripides expresses the hardships women must endure during this era....

[tags: Woman, Gender, Medea, Medea] - My fair citizens of the Jury, we are here today to pass judgement on Medea of Colchis.

For the unforgivable sins of murder, in the first degree.

Creon, king of Corinth, his daughter Glauce, and even Medea’s very own flesh and blood, her two children.The dictionary’s definition of an oath is: a solemn promise, often invoking a defined witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior.In assessing the character, of the many facets of the complex personality of Medea, in the Greek Tragedian Play, one must first get a feeling for the author of the play.In ancient times, there was gender inequality amongst males and females; males were the breadwinner of the family and held most of the power.These two plays challenge the societal norms of that time-period.Jason then takes another woman to bed, and Medea begins to regret the past decisions she has made and what she has given up for him.Medea is then exiled from Corinth, because Creon, the king, knows the potential she has to do the most unimaginable things.... Discuss the ways in which this motif is played out through the course of the play. Thesis Statement: Throughout Electra, Euripides opposes the appearance of things to their reality, to provide subtle... The ongoing response of the Chorus to Medea’s plight. Euripides’ implied messages about the lot of women, and his critique of cold dynastic ambition as represented by Jason. reality is a central motif running throughout Electra, which Euripides uses both to develop his characters and to make a point to his audience. Medea’s self–debate in the Fifth Episode, after the children have been to the palace. Scenes Revealing the Problematic Circumstances Influencing Medea A. The Tutor’s news that Medea and the children are to be banished, and Jason’s seeming indifference to that fact.


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