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I think the root of my problem is that I don't know how to set different utilization targets for several resources at the same time. If you view the Task Usage view you will see Resource 1 scheduled for 2.18 hours of work per day for each of the 11 days.

Resource 2 is scheduled for 2.92 hours of work per day and Resource 3 is scheduled for 1.37 hours of work per day.

If you add the Peak field to the table side (left) of the view, you'll see Project has calculated 27%, 36%, and 17% assignment units for each of the resources.

MS-Project works from a task-centric model, rather than a resource-centric model.

John is here, now I will assign Mary, and I will get: It seems that everything is same as in my first example.

You may ask: “Where did this 8 hours per day comes from? I will do the Same thing for both Tasks, but I will assign John first, and then Mary!

For example, say I have a task named "Task 1" that has a duration of 11 working days in the standard calendar.

I have one individual has an estimated 24 hours of work to do on this task, a second individual that has an estimated 32 hours of work, and a third individual that has an estimated 15 hours of work.

If I say individual 1 needs to work 24 hours, it will assign them to work for 3 days, as their working calendar has them work for 8 hours a day.

If I change the work duration for the resource on the "Assignment Information" display to 11 days, MS Project recalculates work to be 88 hours for the resource (11 days x 8 hours/day).


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