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Alghamdi PDF The Lived Experience of Intersectionality Among African American Women with Breast Cancer, Teri D. Accredited Universities Located in Foreign Countries, Jeff Bourgeois PDF Low-Fee Private Schools in West Africa: Case Studies from Burkina Faso and Ghana, Corinne Brion PDF The Impact of After School Tutoring on Math Achievement: Perceptions of African American Males and Those Who Teach Them, Eric L.

Brown PDF Managers' Responses to Formal and Informal Talent Management Practices: An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study, Adriano Manuel Cabral Ferreira Polonia PDF An Empirical Look at the Impact of Course and Faculty Characteristics on Student Evaluations, Travis J.

Lineback PDF The Health of Human Trafficking Victims in San Diego, California: A Retrospective Study, Noelle Lipkin Leveque PDF Exploring Factors Impacting Veterans' Hypertension Control, Jian Hua Liu PDF Faith and Homelessness: Examining the Influence of the Faith-Based Component of a Transitional Housing Program on the Attitudes and Behaviors of Homeless Men, Douglas Edward Luffborough III PDF Walking With the Invisible: How TESOL and Communities of Practice Can Create Change Across the California College System, Mark Manasse PDF A Movement Against and Beyond Boundaries: Exploring the Impact of Transgressive Teaching on the Student Affairs Practices of White, Heterosexual Men, Conor Mc Laughlin PDF Patient Knowledge, Perceived Self-Efficacy, and Self-Management Among Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Razel Bacuetes Milo PDF Examining Hybrid-Gift Philanthropy in Division I Intercollegiate Athletics: A Mixed Methods Study, John Thomas O'Sullivan PDF Mindfully Impacting Transformation: Mindfulness Strategies for an Adult Leadership Academy in a Low-Income Community, Corey Alexander Pahanish PDF Locked Up: Parallel Correctional Officer, Deputy, and Inmate Decision-Making Experiences in County Jails, Mariko Catherine Peshon PDF A Feasibility Study Utilizing Clinical Simulation as Pedagogical Praxis for Promoting Caring Behaviors with Associate Degree Nursing Students, Kathleen Marie Rosales PDF Examining the Joining of the Separated: A Case Study Toward a Conceptual Framework on Attachment Theory and Authentic Leader Development, Rodric Smith PDF The Effect of the Military Character of Discharge on Reintegration into the Civilian Community: A Phenomenological Study, Ali Reza Tayyeb PDF Readmission Factors of Patients with Type II Diabetes, Veronica Santos Timple PDF The Relationship Between Hospital Construction and High Risk Infant Auditory Function at NICU Discharge: A Retrospective Descriptive Cohort Study, Valerie Willis PDF Latina Principals in Southern California: A Phenomenological Look into their Journey Towards Leadership, Fabiola Bagula PDF Utilizing Clinical Decision Support within the Electronic Health Record to Screen for Palliative Care, Tanja Baum PDF Symptom Experience and Influenza-Like Illness in a Military Population, Monique Bouvier PDF Human Papillomavirus Knowledge and Human Papillomavirus Uptake Among U. Navy Personnel 18 to 26 Years of Age, Jennifer Jean Buechel PDF Spinning Straw into Gold: A Study of Resource Creation, Flow, and Conversion in a Nonprofit Collaboration, Elizabeth A.

Castillo PDF The Multiple Meanings of San Diego's Little Italy: A Study of the Impact of Real and Symbolic Space and Boundaries on the Ethnic Identities of Eight Italian Americans, Thomas Joseph Cesarini PDF School Nurse Perceptions and Decisions about Children Self-Carrying Inhalers in School, Lisa Anne Dominguez Jaurigue PDF Use of Video Games in Patients' Self-management of Pain: A Feasibility Study, Janet Donnelly Ph D(c), RN-BC, ACNS-BC, PCCN PDF Avoiding Hospital-Acquired Conditions: A Qualitative Analysis of Early Top Performers, Tammy Doolittle PDF Curricular Instruction of Global Leadership at Colleges and Universities in the United States, Tara L.

Millennial Stereotypes, Self-Image, and Engagement in the Workplace, Stephanie Van Dellen PDF Exploring the Homeless Persons Perception of Living in a Long-Term Care Facility, Janice Woods PDF In Pursuit of Transformative Learning: Exploring the Stimulation of Curiosity Through Critical Reflection in the College Classroom, Bo Y.

Bae PDF Career Decision-Making of Higher Education Professionals of Philippine Descent: The Untold Stories of an Asian Pacific Islander Community, Grace Abenoja Bagunu PDF Exploring the Journey: Overcoming the Life of Sex Trafficking, Cheryl Boyd PDF Identifying Cross-Country Key Drivers of Social Entrepreneurial Activity, Cris Bravo PDF Bariatric Surgery Regain and Long-Term Weight Loss among Women: Self-Efficacy, Social Support and Health Promotion Lifestyle Behaviors, Raelene Z.Gary, our writer from the Ph D program, is naturally looking ahead to the writing of his dissertation and some pre-research research was involved. A student puts hundreds or even thousands of hours of work into formulating, researching, analyzing, writing and finally defending their doctoral dissertation…only for it never to be read by anyone outside the dissertation committee.To put lie to that falsehood, I plumbed the depths of the Fletcher dissertation archive held at Ginn Library.Edberg PDF Interprofessional Team Training in the Pediatric Life Support Program: Effects on Teamwork and Quality of Resuscitations, Mary J.Publicly releasable NPS Theses, Dissertations, MBA Professional Reports, Joint Applied Projects, Systems Engineering Project Reports, Capstone Projects and other NPS degree-earning written works.Degheri PDF Technology versus Touch: Targeting Heart Failure Self-Care in Older Adults, Millicent Guiaya De Jesus PDF Correlates of Diabetes Self-Management Among Filipinos, Dinnah Lumibao Didulo PDF Social Ecological Factors Associated with Parental Vaccination Decisions and Perceptions of Barriers to Childhood Immunizations, Catherine A.Ferris PDF Mexican-Born Immigrant Decision-Making About Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes, Virginia Lynn Hart-Kepler PDF When Rules and Common Sense Collide: Expressions, Roots, and Impact of Informal Civil Society in Ukraine, Svitlana Krasynska PDF Women Living with HIV/AIDS and Disclosure, Monique A.I selected from the hundreds of available dissertations by picking those written by people with whom I now have or previously have had a connection.For some writers, I have been their student somewhere along the line or they are fellow military officers (active or retired); and for others, I used their research as a resource to prepare for military operations I have personally participated in.Fleischman PDF PSYCHIATRIC PATIENTS’ PERCEPTION OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE PLAN OF CARE, Jaspal Kaur Gill PDF Seeking Mirrors: Representation and Identity at Asian Pacific Islander Film Festivals, Yang Jiang PDF The Lived Experience of Discharged and Readmitted African Americans with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease to a Safety-Net Hospital, Kiiyonna Jones PDF THE USE OF CLINICAL DECISION SUPPORT TO IMPROVE NURSING PRACTICE, Kathleen Klimpel PDF EXPLORING, EXAMINING, AND EXPLAINING HOW PARTICIPATORY GOVERNANCE ADDS VALUE TO SAUDI FOUNDATIONS’ PHILANTHROPIC STRATEGY, Afnan E.Koshak PDF COVARIATES OF RETURN OF SPONTANEOUS CIRCULATION (ROSC) IN ADULTS, Dorothy Lang PDF GALACTAGOGUE USE, BREASTFEEDING SELF-EFFICACY, AND PERCEIVED INSUFFICIENT MILK SUPPLY, Michelle Tai-Chi Lee PDF Factors Associated with 30-day Hospital Readmissions Among Older Adults with Dementia, Lynell Lemon PDF DELIRIUM in LONG TERM CARE REHABILITATION Residents: A Correlational Retrospective Study, Rebecca Lerma-Kjonegaard PDF A Tale of Two Influences: An Exploration of Downward Accountability in World Vision International, Elena Mc Collim PDF Older Adults’ Implementation of Discharge Instructions Following an Acute Care Hospital Stay, Brenda Miller PDF Examining Inter-Relationships Between Supervisor Full-Range Leadership, Organizational Climate Strength, and Employee Job Satisfaction Using Multi-Level Modeling, Bharat Mohan PDF Academic Libraries and Toxic Leadership, Alma C.


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